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Tabletop Mentorship Program Partnership

We are mentioning this a little late in the month but we wanted to announce that Break My Game is partnering with the Tabletop Mentorship Program!

We have been given the privilege of helping to select the recipients of their Micro-Grants for the month of April!

The Tabletop Mentorship Program provides programs and micro-grants to underrepresented professionals in the tabletop industry. They have done some great work with helping to lift up voices in the industry and empower creators to achieve their dreams. We at Break My Game are honored to be working along side such organizations that have goals that align so closely with our own.

If you would like to learn more about the Tabletop Mentorship Program, or apply for this month's Micro-Grant please visit them at

Please note that the micro-grant program is available to all tabletop industry professionals. So if you aren't a designer, but you are an artist, a publisher, editor, etc., you also qualify for this program!

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