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2022 Year in Review

Hello Break My Game Community. What a wonderful year 2022 has been! You guys have helped BMG accomplish so many things this year and I just wanted to point out some highlights for everyone.

Game Jams - Our regular game jams continue to be a server hit with a total of 89 participants between the two jams we hosted this year. The game jams are a fun way for you to stretch those creative mussels and inspire you to create something that may be outside of your comfort zone.

Summer Fundraiser - This year we held a fundraiser to support setting up additional in-person playtesting groups around the globe. With your help we raised over $800 to start playtesting groups. This went way over our initial goals for that event and we can’t thank you enough.

In-Person playtesting - Boy did we grow our in-person playtesting footprint! We have added two new locations this year that are doing regular monthly or bi-monthly playtesting, Philadelphia PA and Stevens Point WI. But that’s not all, we are currently in talks with two more event hosts which we are excited to get events up soon. Look out Tennessee and Texas, BMG is coming!

Discord Presence - If you have been around our Discord for a while you know, things have evolved a lot over the last 3 years. But this year we hit a milestone I’ve never dreamed of. We now have over 2,000 community members making the Break My Game server the LARGEST playtesting server on Discord!

Looking back, it’s really amazing what has been accomplished. This is not just a win for BMG. With every new community member welcomed, we know we are helping more designers! We are accomplishing our goals to help educate and provide resources for the board game design community. The more we grow, and the more we do, the more we can help independent designers accomplish their goals, the more we can uplift voices in the Board Game community, and the more we can embrace the diversity that is alive and well.

Thank you again for helping us make 2022 such a success, and we look forward to seeing how much more we can do in 2023!

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