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December 2022 Events

Hey Breakers!

Are you going to be at PAX Unplugged a day early? Come stop by the Board and Brew in Philly for our monthly playtesting event! We still have a few designer slots open.

We've got some exciting news regarding the BMG Discord Server. We finally have Forums!

Over the next couple of weeks, you'll see us experiment with new ways to share and organize content using these types of channels. We plan on rolling these out slowly so we can make adjustments carefully and successfully. Things might be a tad confusing for a little while as we develop these, so we apologize in advance!

Forums are essentially channels where users can make "posts", which are essentially a channel-within-a-channel. It sounds confusing, but it can be a great way to organize topics and filter content you do/don't want to see!

December Playtesting Events:

As we get into the end of the year holidays, we have a few regular monthly events that will be postponed until the new year.


In-Person Playtesting Event

Thursday, December 1st

6pm - 9pm

The Board and Brew

Philadelphia, PA


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, November 20

3pm - 8pm

Game Kastle

College Park, MD


Happy Holidays to everyone! We'll see you in the new year!


Virtual Playtesting:

We host virtual playtesting events 6 times a week! Held at various times convenient for our global community. Join our online community of 2000+ playtesters and designers!

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