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For Public Release

Break My Game is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, centered around board game design and development. We have three fundamental goals:

  1. Play Games
    We provide over 100 hours of playtesting opportunities in person and virtually on a monthly basis ranging in games in the early prototype phase all the way to games ready-for-market. 
  2. Empower Designers
    We reduce the barriers to entry into the game design field by providing avenues for in-depth feedback and provide educational resources for designers and aspiring designers on the game design process.
  3. Foster Community
    We want to inspire people of all ages from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities to get involved with game design as a hobby and career.

Helpful Links

Social Media

  • Twitter: @BreakMyGameG
  • Facebook: Break My Game Community Group

  • Instagram: @BreakMyGameG

Zip File Includes:

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Break My Game Vertical Logo
Break My Game Vertical Logo - White
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Break My Game Horizontal Logo - White
Break My Game Dice Glyph

"Playtested at BMG" Seal

"Playtested at BMG" Seal

Lil Breaker Mascots

Break My Game - Lil Breaker Mascot
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