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Events: Game Jams

What is a
Game Jam?

Game jams are generally defined as events where individuals and/or groups rapidly prototype and create games under shared themes and constraints.

The benefits of doing so include brainstorming new ideas that you would normally never think to try on your own. The constraints allow you to flex your design muscles and think outside the box. You could also choose to work as a group and learn how to design as a team.

Break My Game hosts Game Jams, called "Break My Jam" 3 or 4 times a year. Currently, our game jams are held virtually on the BMG Discord channel. If you would like to be updated on future Game Jams either virtually or in-person, join our mailing list for monthly event news.

What do I need?



We coordinate all our online events through our Discord server. Discord is a voice and chat hosting service with awesome community features, including private or large group chats and file sharing. Discord is a free app on desktop and mobile devices.


Once you've joined the Discord server and requested a playtest/designer role, head on over to the #MonthlyPlaytest channel and follow the rules on how to post your game.


We use apps such as Tabletopia, Tabletop Playground, and Make sure to check the roster of games on the BMG Discord server and find out what platform the game you want to playtest uses before the event.


Make sure you have a working headset before joining so that we can communicate with you without disrupting the event to troubleshoot. Feel free to ask a BMG Discord Moderator to help troubleshoot if you are having technical difficulties. 


Aged Preserves
(Past Jam Mechanics)

Break My Jam - Fall 2023 Mechanics:

  • Delayed Purchase

  • No Hierarchical Ranking

  • Rock Paper Scissors


Break My Jam - Winter 2023 Mechanics:

  • Map Reduction

  • Advantage Token

  • No Victory

Break My Jam - Fall 2022 Mechanics:

Break My Jam - Winter 2022 Mechanics:

Break My Jam - Fall 2021 Mechanics:

Break My Jam - Summer 2021 Mechanics:

Break My Jam - Winter 2021 Mechanics:

Break My Jam - Fall 2020 Mechanics:

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