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October 2022 Events

Hey Breakers!

We can't wait to share some exciting news regarding new in-person events. Stay tuned this month and next for announcements! But until then here's your monthly events update.

October Playtesting Events:


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, October 2

3pm - 6pm

The Crossroads, Tabletop Tavern

Manassas, VA


In-Person Playtesting Event

Thursday, October 6

6pm - 9pm

The Board and Brew

Philadelphia, PA


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, October 16

3pm - 8pm

Game Kastle

College Park, MD


In-Person Playtesting Event

Wednesday, October 26

7pm - 10pm

Ludorati Game Cafe

Nottingham, UK


Virtual Playtesting:

We host virtual playtesting events 6 times a week! Held at various times convenient for our global community. Join our online community of 2000+ playtesters and designers!

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