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Break My Jam - Summer Game Jam

Hey everyone! We’re Baaaack! We are super excited to announce the 3rd Break My Jam - Game Jam! (June 11 - 27). TICKETS Registration is open now through June 10th. Registering will give you a cool 'Jammer - Summer 21' server role, and access to all the Game Jam channels when they go live. Register Here: WHAT EVEN IS? You may be wondering... What even is a game jam?! Game jams are generally defined as events where individuals and/or groups rapidly prototype and create games under shared themes and constraints. Cool, now that we have a definition, let’s talk about the Break My Game spin! FORMAT The game jam will take place on the Break My Game Discord server. Participants will be asked to utilize three unique mechanics, two of them will be randomly picked from a hat and announced at midnight (ET) on June 11th, The third mechanic will be voted on by YOU! VOTING Check out #🍇|jam-vote on the BMG discord server to vote on your favorite mechanics. We will eliminate the mechanic with the least votes each day leading up to the event. HYPE Use #🍇|jam-hype on the BMG discord server to ask or chat about anything and everything game jam related!

PLAYTESTING It wouldn’t be a Break My Game jam without playtesting! Check out #🍇|jam-schedule on the BMG discord server for a list of dedicated times. Keep checking back as we add in more pop-up times.

WORKSHOP A lot has changed since our last Game Jam, including our latest channel auditions -

Workshops! Check out #📅|scheduled-workshops on the BMG discord server for a Jam-related workshop.

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