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July 2022 Events

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hey Breakers!

Summer Fundraiser

We are currently running a fundraiser from June 24 - July 08. The goal of this drive is to fund resources for our new Philadelphia location, as well as future locations. $10 or more will get you a special Summer Fundraiser role on the BMG Discord server.

$60 or more will get you a snazzy BMG t-shirt!

Learn More on our Fundraiser page


July playtesting Events:

In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, July 3

3pm - 6pm

The Crossroads, Tabletop Tavern

Manassas, VA


In-Person Playtesting Event

Thursday, July 7

6pm - 9pm

The Board and Brew

Philadelphia, PA


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, July 17

3pm - 8pm

Game Kastle

College Park, MD


In-Person Playtesting Event

Wednesday, July 27

7pm - 10pm

Ludorati Game Cafe

Nottingham, UK


Meet our new Host

Eric Sayag is our new Philadelphia host! Eric is a graphic designer, web designer, and aspiring board game designer residing in Philadelphia, PA. He’s been playing board games his whole life, and started creating them as a teenager. He and his wife have just bought a house because their board game collection has outgrown their apartment. Aside from board games, Eric enjoys playing pickleball and juggling. Eric will be hosting the very first Philadelphia BMG playtesting event at the Board and Brew next Thursday, July 7.


Virtual Playtesting:

We host virtual playtesting events 7 times a week! Held at various times convenient for our global community. Join our online community of 2000+ playtesters and designers!

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