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April 2022 Events

Hey Breakers! April is almost upon us! We had a record number of playtesting events in March. We also had a great time at WashingCon last weekend with over 15 designers testing their games over the course of two days. Thanks to everyone who came out! Now for the April events. Check them out below:


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, April 3

3pm - 6pm

The Crossroads Tabletop Tavern

Manassas, Virginia


In-Person Playtesting Event

Sunday, April 17

3pm - 8pm

Game Kastle

College Park, Maryland


In-Person Playtesting Event

Wednesday, April 27

7pm - 10pm

Ludorati Game Cafe

Nottingham, UK


Virtual Playtesting:

We host virtual playtesting events 10 times a week, Monday-Sunday! Held at various times convenient for our global community. Join our online community of over 1900 playtesters and designers!

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