2021 - Year in Review

Hey Breakers!

We hope everyone has had a safe holiday season! With the year coming to an end it's a great time for reflection. Despite the craziness that 2021 was, the Break My Game community had a very busy and exciting year!

2021 - Review

  • Becoming a 501(3) Non-Profit: In January 2021, we officially became a 501(3) Non-Profit organization!

  • New Website: In March, we launched our brand new website! Check it out here.

  • Community Growth: Also in March, our community Discord hit the amazing milestone of over 1000 members! Today we are at a whopping 1,686 members! Based on server roles we have 1094 Designers, 864 Playtesters, 77 Publishers, 59 Artists, 51 Content Creators, 33 Developers, and 14 Event Hosts.

  • Podcast: In April we started our very own podcast hosted by no other than our very own Matthew Hocker. You can find past and future episodes