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Break My Game Designer Tools!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hey all! We've compiled some super handy designer tools for your online game table in the form of a Tabletop Simulator (TTS) mod. They're especially useful for introducing the game + expectations, organizing feedback, and displaying pronouns! This article will go over how to access and use the mod. But feel free to jump in and explore yourself if you'd like! TTS Mod:

Google Drive Folder with All Image Assets: How to Access Mod Note: this assumes you own TTS!

First, make sure you clicked the TTS mod link above and clicked subscribe! This will give you access to the mod. Then, open up TTS through Steam. Click CREATE, as shown on the right. Then create a game using any of the three options offered.

Once you're at your in-game table, click "Games" at the top of the screen, as shown on the left.

A new menu should open up, with "Workshop" as one of the options. Click Workshop to open up all your downloaded mods. Click "Break My Game Designer Tools". It will ask "Are you sure you want to load Break My Game Designer Tools?" Click "Load".

You now should have a new table opened, filled with assets from the mod (as shown on the left)! Let's dive into what these are and how we recommend using them! How to Use Mod First off, these assets are all adaptable and you're welcome to use them how you feel is best for your game and playtest sessions!

There are several categories found in the mod, as shown above. These can help clarify the state and context of your game, along with what sort of feedback you're looking for. Additionally, there is a pronouns category with a ton of options for players!

Each category's options are shown on the right (we'll be updating these as we receive feedback!) and are also additionally placed in their respective bags shown above. There are 10 of each respective pronoun in the Pronouns category bag. Leave that bag out specifically during your game sessions for folks to easily pick and set up their pronouns/how to refer to them!

You may notice there's a sheet hovering in the air! You can drop cards onto the different empty slots shown on the left to fill in the different aspects you're focusing on so playtesters haver greater context! Example: My game is in an early stage, it's intended as both a party and gateway game, and I'm ONLY looking for feedback on balance and questions from the designer. Oh, and please keep feedback for after gameplay!

We encourage you to use this table as the foundation for your playtests and customize as you see fit. Especially for early to middle stage game designs! We also welcome any and all feedback to improve or add more categories/cards for categories. We expect to offer new assets as well for game designers as we continue to learn and grow with the community! If you have feedback, feel free to reach out to us through our community Discord (, or our twitter (, or just leaving a comment right on this article!

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