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A Guide on Sharing Your Prototype on Tabletop Playground for Playtesting!

Hey all! I wanted to make a quick guide on getting your game playtest ready on TTP (Tabletop Playground). This guide assumes you've imported all your files and your game is pretty much ready to go for playtesting! Start by opening up Tabletop Playground and clicking Editor. Then, under Select Package, click the package you'd like to share for playtesting. After you've done that, click Edit Selected Package toward the bottom of the menu.

You should now see a screen with all your game objects, similar to the example to the left. Make sure your game objects are correct and ready to go. If you haven't yet, you'll want to make sure you create the table state or, as TTP defines it, the "start states". One cool thing: you can create a number of states for your game!

To create a save state, open up your game by clicking Preview Package or create start states and, if you haven't created a start state yet, click open table. Right click anywhere on the table, click Object Library, and start dropping your game objects. Once everything is looking right. Right click the table again and click Save State.

Once everything is looking right right click the table again and click Save State. Don't forget to give your Save State a name (the area to do this is circled below) as otherwise you won't be able to save the state.

Alright cool! So now we have a save state that sets up all the objects in our game package in the way we want it to (which we can access later by clicking Load State in that same in-game menu from earlier). Let's get this game package uploaded and ready for play! Head back to the Edit Selected Package menu and look for the button that says Upload package. CLICK THAT BUTTON AND PREPARE THE GAME FOR DIGITAL ASCENSION. But also, so it can go onto a website called, which will be where we're hosting the game state to be shared. You'll pull up a menu (shown below) called Package Upload. Fill in all the information (including the box to the right of Package Summary) and put in any kind of placeholder image. Check off the box to the left of Private (so no one else sees your game state except those you want to see it!). Once everything's entered in, the Upload button in the bottom right corner should be able to be clicked.

Once your package is uploaded, go ahead and click the button on the top right corner. It should take you directly to the page for the game. Quick note, if there's any issues connecting to this, you'll want to sign into in a way that connects your account there to your steam account (the website should offer you a path to doing this pretty easily). After that's all done, you'll want to head over to your game package's page on It should look something like the image below. Now, remember how we marked your game as private earlier before we uploaded? Great! You should see a wide yellow box at the top of your game page that ends with: (you can share this preview URL for early access). Go ahead and click preview URL. Once you've done this, you can copy that URL to share at any playtesting event. Playtesters will want to click Subscribe, which is the red button shown on the right side of the below image. After that, they'll be able to join your custom games for playtesting!

I hope this guide was useful. If you ran into any issues, feel free to reach out to me on the Break My Game discord ( or just leave a comment here. Happy playtesting!

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