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Break My Game In-person
Playtesting Check-in

The below information is for internal event documentation and will not be sold to any 3rd parties, or used for marketing/soliciting. 

Please review the below event rules:​

  1. Be respectful and kind to each other. We’re here to help one another grow.

  2. NO discriminatory language or content be it direct or through implication.

  3. Keep explicit language to a minimum during playtesting to help maintain a professional environment.

  4. Be constructive when giving feedback and be willing to listen to feedback when playtesting.

  5. Respect the rules of the Event Host while events are taking place.

  6. We reserve the right to deny a game be playtested at any event. A game may be denied for the following:

  • It has heavy adult content

  • It is already published (we ONLY playtest unpublished games or full expansions to published games)

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