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TUTORIAL: Custom Bag Hack in Tabletop Simulator

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Create recognizable bags with custom tokens in TTS.

I want to start by first stating that I will not be going over the typical way of creating a custom bag, which involves changing the state of an imported 3D model. For that, I recommend checking out this video about importing 3D models,

This tutorial is for those who might not feel like dealing with 3D models and just want something clean and simple. What if I told you, you could create a bag out of almost any object, custom or default. Let me show you!

In this example, my bag is going to hold custom tokens, and I'm going to make a large token to identify each bag. All players will need to do is hover over the giant token like they would a normal bag, click, and then drag out a regular-sized token.

LEFT: Original Token, RIGHT: Enlarged Token

First things first, sizing up a copy of a custom token I already created by hovering over one and pressing the "+" key until it's the desired size. You want it to be no wider than the base of the bag model.

Next, grab a bag by going to the top toolbar, Objects > Tools. Then choose either a regular Bag or an Infinite Bag. For my purposes, I'm going to be using an infinite bag.

Next, right-click on the bag, navigate to Toggles, and make sure Lock is checked on. (This will be very important later!)

Place the original token inside the bag and then with the bag selected, navigate to the left toolbar, find the Gizmo tool and click on Move.

Next, in the Transform window, click in the Rotation Z-axis box and type in "180". This will flip the bag upside-down. Then click in the Position Y-axis box and gradually adjust the numbers or grab the green arrow and move the bag into the table until only the bottom is showing. (Make sure the bottom is still higher than the large token piece.)

Right-click on the bag and click on Color Tint. Find the smaller right-most slider bar and move the handle half-way down. This is the transparency bar, and it can turn things from solid to see-through, and all the way to invisible. Right now we want to make it see-through until we get our large token in place.

Now we will right-click on our large token, navigate to Toggle, and check on Lock, just like we did with the bag. (This is very important otherwise your token will go crazy when it realizes it's inside another object.)

Next, go back to the Gizmo/Move tool and move our large token into the center of the bag using the red and blue arrows or plugging in coordinates into the X and Y-axis positions.

Almost done, now we just need to turn this bag invisible!

The final step is to right-click back on our bag, navigate to Color Tint, and move the transparency dial all the way into the black. This will make the bag completely invisible.

And voila! you now have yourself a self identifiable token bag!

You can do this with any object in TTS, as long as you can make it fit inside of a bag!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or get stuck at any point.

I hope this tutorial will help you create some awesome stuff! -JF


You can follow me on Twitter @Joe_Ludamus

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