TUTORIAL: Custom Bag Hack in Tabletop Simulator

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Create recognizable bags with custom tokens in TTS.

I want to start by first stating that I will not be going over the typical way of creating a custom bag, which involves changing the state of an imported 3D model. For that, I recommend checking out this video about importing 3D models, https://youtu.be/U0QgLz55T_Q?t=338.

This tutorial is for those who might not feel like dealing with 3D models and just want something clean and simple. What if I told you, you could create a bag out of almost any object, custom or default. Let me show you!

In this example, my bag is going to hold custom tokens, and I'm going to make a large token to identify each bag. All players will need to do is hover over the giant token like they would a normal bag, click, and then drag out a regular-sized token.