Let's Talk About Kickstarter Updates!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Kickstarter updates are interesting to map out. If you post too many you're spamming folks, but if you post too few it'll be as if you're not invested in your own Kickstarter. Of course, we see plenty of larger organizations using Kickstarter make a single update 5 seconds following their launch saying "Wow we funded! Thanks!" This is likely not applicable to most projects. Additionally, there's a TON of down time in a Kickstarter toward the center of any project! Generally the most active parts of a Kickstarter are at the beginning and end, with the middle being comparatively quiet and inactive. So how often should we post updates? I think it's good to first consider what updates are good for:

  • Information

  • Engagement

  • Planting Seeds

Let's dive into each of these!


Probably the most obvious part, updates on Kickstarter inform your audience of, well, updates. You want and need to relay information to backers and beyond about your various happenings, especially things that might pique interest or drive excitement! You don't need to get into nitty gritty details. Your updates and Kickstarter in general should offer information that creates an experience. That means flavo