Wormix is a turn based tactical strategy game featuring gameplay that is very similar to Worms or Gunbound. The game offers different types of weapons ranging from shotguns to flying saucers . Tactics is important in this game taking into account wind speed, wind direction, weapon range and character positioning. Your abilities as a strategist is put to the test.

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Funny, funky and fanatically addictive.


Wormix is one of those games that are best played for casual gaming either with a friend or a random player worldwide. Since it’s ported to Facebook, you can find and invite friends easily. It’s a casual physics shooter game that tests your skill in aiming, estimating and strategical thinking overall. Although some luck does apply, since your characters are placed randomly around the map, you’re lucky if you’re in a good position against your enemy.

What’s great about this game is the “HOT SEAT” game mode where two players can battle it out on the same PC, other than that, the gameplay is really very similar to Worms; even the character commentaries remind you of the rather unbashful taunting from the early days of Worms. And yes, even some weapons are similar from Worms like “Teleport” although the game does have some of its own quirky weapons like Flying saucers.

Although the game has the ability to immerse the player into an addictive shooting showdown with friends, the game, however, does not retain a player’s interests for a long while. The game focuses on a rather casual gameplay system only having the players play 5 battles at a time, and then letting them wait for a minute or so for the timer to refresh – typical of most social games these days. This actually “forces” those impatient players to purchase game time which may turn off some hard core players.

The game also has cash shop items where players can purchase in-game weapons beforehand, although these weapons can be dropped during the battle, players who purchase these weapons before the game do get a certain amount of advantage. Whether that’s fair or not highly depends on the player’s perspective. The game does not entirely focus on how many weapons you have, but instead focuses on how you use them – which makes these cash shop items useless if the paying player does not know how to use it well. Though some gamers might say that this is a “pay to win” type of game.

Earning in-game money called “Fuzzes” does take quite awhile though – considering that you have to grind it by playing games over and over. It’s also dead annoying that you can only play 5 games at a time. That short break can take the addictive flow of the game downhill.

Nonetheless, the game does have a fun and addictive quality with hilarious commentaries that will give you a few chuckles here and there. Fans of Worms and Gunbound will find this game enjoyable.